Friday, February 23, 2018

Dance Party Prep

Thursday February 22, 2018

I was up early today 6:30, Jim joined me a little later. I made breakfast. Jim drove me up to Line Dance class, we wanted to take trash up and stop with the veggie guy that comes in on Tuesday and Thursday's. He was not even close to being set up yet. So Jim said he would walk up and we would stop with him when I was finished dancing.

Jim walked back he was working had. He cleaned the shower door track and sprayed it because it squeaked so loud when opening or closing it. He grilled chicken for two different meals. He had a visit from a endangered gopher tortoises, just passing through.

So glad my leg didn't hurt today. We danced for 3 hours, the class starts out so large they had to move some chairs back, then it dwindles down to just us a core few. I texted Jim I was ready, figured give him walking time cause we were still dancing. He arrived at 1:00 and we were still working on a dance that was tricky, but I think we got it. They asked Jim why he was not dancing, He said he does not like the music they play anymore. They don't use all country music anymore. We said we wanted to do a schottische dance a month ago with them, so today we did. I said he can dance, so he proved it. Was really fun to dance with Jim, we didn't do it for awhile. Ok he was ready for lunch he had not eaten yet. So we left and got our veggies, and walked home.

Was a hot walk back. We had our salad lunch, and watched a little TV. We sat outside for awhile again another gorgeous day. Then we needed to go out and get water. Busy traffic time, so much to look at, nice drive for me, till we found water. Walked around a few stores. One was so nice but empty so weird, very expensive, don't know how they can stay open. Then we stopped at Publix of course. Jim wanted more beer. I wanted to get some kind of a treat to take to our Friday dance party. So expensive to get something premade so I got some marshmallows. I will make my deluxe chocolate rice krispies  treats, a recipe they make at work, so good.
We went home then, made dinner we grilled pork chops and more veggies. Jim watched hockey outside, yea they won. I made my treat, that took awhile. I took a shower. Jim came in later watched some TV, went to bed late considering how early I was up.

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