Monday, February 26, 2018

Moved to Lazy Days

Sunday February 25, 2018

I was up first today, excited to go to Lazydays to get our punch list taken care of. Had quick green smoothies, and a greek yogurt with strawberries. Finished getting ready and sadly left at 10:45 we really like it here at TTO. About 1/2 hour away we stopped at a really nice rest area. We put bedroom and kitchen slides out. Don't think we ever did that before, we never stay long enough to bother.
Check in here is 1:00, so we had a little time to kill. I made us a sandwich an apple, we shared a protein bar. There was an accident just up the road we kept seeing police cars going by. Jim could see on his phone that traffic was slow. So we waited a little longer. We only had 30 miles or so till we arrived at Lazydays RV, huge RV world. We were directed to our site. Did very little set up as we have to be up early and move to have all the work started.

Then we went for a long, sunny, hot walk to see were everything is. We found the pool, a huge RV accessories store, a few restaurants, looked at a few RV's for sale, just because they are here. This place is so big, we walked and walked. So hot we finally got back to the FW, I heated up dinner, we had leftovers from last night, Jim was starving. It always is better the next day.

Then we went to the pool, so warm, I even would have liked it a little cooler. So nice and refreshing, we sat and had a drink pool side. I showered there. We came home Jim showered here, and I had a couple slices of smoked pork we had in the freezer. Jim made a sandwich.

I moved some stuff around in here, and emptied the island so they can work in here tomorrow.

We watched some of the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Not to long we have to get up early. 

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