Saturday, February 17, 2018

Oakwood,Firewood, Walk, Tiki

Tuesday February 13, 2018

Was up late last night, I only got up at 9. Watched some Today Show. I had some toast from Trader Joe's. I made Jim an egg sandwich with his toast. We also had a fresh peach with a greek yogurt and Paleo granola. I worked on the blog, My new job, oh my. Chris and Tom stopped by, we didn't know them, they know the June's,  and we will be going to the CTC luncheon, this Thursday. They offered to take us with them and to meet up with the June's, since both of us are here at the same CG. That was so nice of them. The June's are at TTO.

We had our mail delivered to our site, it came shortly after they left. It was a big pile to go through.

Then we left to find an adventure. First we went to Oakwood smokehouse, so good. We went to the one near the Citrus Tower. Had a wonderful waiter, Neil. We went in about 1:30 well after lunch time, no crowd, so it was not busy. I saw the firewood pile when we went in. I said to Jim I wonder if they could tell us where they get there wood. Neil asked his boss, he didn't know, Neil even made a few calls for us, one right in front of us as we ate. He went above and beyond his waiter duty. He told us of a guy who sells wood right at his house, he couldn't verify it. But told us how to get there. I asked him if there was any other must see places while we were here. He told us about this Tiki Bar in Minneola, and a few other places. So we had a wonderful lunch. I took 1/2 of mine along for a meal tomorrow too.  

We went and found the wood guy. We got this pile for $20. not to bad. Then we went to the 
 Lake at Clermont Park. Walked around went to Lilly's on the Lake a cute little restaurant, we made a lunch reservation for Valentine's Day tomorrow.

Then we walked the direction of the Tiki Bar that Neil the waiter just told us about. Jim didn't want to walk that far. I said we could use the exercise. So off we went. It really was probably only a good mile or so. When we got there it was so cute. All outside, open air place, they had huge cat fish that just hung out there. And a beautiful view. I of course starting talking with these two couples that were there together and sat next to us. Jim had a beer and I drank 2 bottles of water. We shared a key lime pie, our favorite. We talked with them for awhile. They had a lot of questions on our full-time life. This was there last night together so I offered to take a picture of them. They were very nice and fun to talk with. They were here for winter from Illinois. We said our goodbyes didn't want to be still walking when it was dark. So we started walking fast, and talked about how fun that just was. Before we knew it we could see truck. Jim said we probably walked about 3 miles total today.

We got home and Jim made a fire of course, and way before dark. He watched hockey outside. I worked on this blog. Looked at a cool magazine I never saw before that came in our mail today called Country Door. I showered, washed a load of towels and watched more Olympics. What a great fun Day:)

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