Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Villages

Saturday February 3, 2018

When I got up had a greek yogurt with paleo granola. I did a load of wash before we left. We left around 10 AM went to The Villages Brownwood, we really like it there. First things first, we had lunch alfresco, at a cute little place called Gators Dockside. I had a really good turkey burger Jim had a cheese steak. Was very good and the service was very friendly and helpful. A little cool and breezy.

Then we walked around, they had a farmers market, crafty thing going on which I LOVE. Jim not so much, but he was really great about it. We bought a lot of fresh veggies, that we love to grill. We found tomatoes, celery, zucchini, yellow squash, strawberries, peppers, Jim found jelly beans, I wanted 2 paleo brownies. Never tried any one else's before. They were very good.

Was looking for a kitchen store we were at 2 years ago. Turned out it was at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square. So we went there next. Got there at the end of the Home and Garden show. Were able to see a lot of the beautiful plants and flowers.  The store is Kitchen Collections so fun for me. Found a few things, but trying to find a 7 inch spring form pan to use with my IP =InstaPot. We love seeing all the golf carts some are so cool and fancy. A lot of people put there names on the front.

Had dinner on the way home at Oakwood Smokehouse. Was Sooo
good, our new favorite place. We had pulled pork, Jim had ribs. He said that is all he will ever get there. So we were home around 7. Then we had our very good paleo brownies for dessert.  I did another load of cloths in the washer.
Fun Saturday.

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