Thursday, February 22, 2018

"No" Electric Boogie Woogie Woogie

Tuesday February 20, 2018

I got up in time to get ready, made us both some eggs and went to Line Dance class. I walked up, today my shoulder was hurting for some reason. We had so much fun. They started out with such a large group, and it winds down to just a few of us. Love it.

Walked home had lunch a salad and yogurt I think. I had found a book up there. I wanted to read some books on my kindle. But Amazon will not let me download any. I even called the number that comes up, a few weeks ago and was on the phone for probably an hour to no avail. I was so frustrated.  Still not able to download any.

So we were watching TV and the electric went off. We checked the normal things, and went and sat outside in the shade. You could tell that no one had electric. I said maybe we should call someone, but they probably already know it. So I did, a transformer blew, and they were working on it. So we sat outside. It did get a little warm in here, so Jim opened the windows. It really was nice outside, but quite a breeze. To much for the awnings.  Then...

the electric came back on, Then it went off, and Well you get it, that happened for quite awhile. I was going to put chicken in the IP
and go up to the center. They were having a Fantasy RV Tour information night that I wanted to go see, So I left and went up there.

Jim said after awhile it finally stayed on. Then he had to shut all the windows. When I got home we heated the chicken up on the grill and had dinner. Nice night

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