Monday, February 19, 2018

This one got away from us

Saturday February 17, 2018

I was up so late last night . I wanted to get caught up to date with the blog posts. Yea, I'm up to date now. Also what kept me up last night. When I did go up to bed I saw light on at my side of the bed,
well it was from the washer, a button must have gotten hit with the door when we moved, and I could not get it to go off. So I had to come down and was trying to find the owners manual. Jim woke up and helped me get it off. When I finally found the book it said to unplug it wait a minute and plug back in. well that worked. I finally got to bed, late so late.

I was up about 8:30 Jim was up much earlier and had coffee all ready. I had cereal and Jim made himself some eggs. We discussed our plans for the day. Jim really didn't want to have any. They were having  yard sales at your site from 10 to 2 so I put my bags out and sold some. If anyone wants some let me know. So I kept going in and out talking with people. And coming in an cleaning up the mess I made pulling stuff out of the ottoman looking for that book last night. Jim took sheets off bed I put them in washer and hung them outside.  I also cleaned the kitchen up had to wash my InstaPot.
Then I wanted to finally hang my 3 grape plates that I had in the house I love so much. We did that we had to put kitchen slide in make sure it would not touch them. We didn't want to see when it was time to move and find out it wouldn't work. We had to move one end up. Then he put his tools away so quick, I said I think we need to move other end up too. So he went out got his drill again. He such a good sport. OK now it looks good. My next project later is move my grapes tapestry under plates. I still have to figure out how I can do it. I wanted it on the bathroom door. It is curved not flat so it will be a little tricky. We sat outside in the shade for awhile it was beautiful out today, very hot in the sun.

So by now it was lunch time so we had leftovers I made IP last night. I took polish off my fingers and toes. And went out and got my toes ready for polish. I had washed another load and hung most of that load out too. Before we knew it was after 6. That one really got away from us. We did get some stuff done though at least. We made bed and I brought rest of laundry in.

Jim grilled some onions and peppers. Then we went and said hi to our neighbors Diana and Jerry, we went to Luncheon with them. We went for a walk about 35 minutes or so before dark. Then came back and Jim finished grilled and did the swordfish. I did dishes took a shower and re painted my fingers and toes. Watch some TV.
WOW that was way to many details, SORRY

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