Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dance Pool and Dance again

Friday February 23, 2018

I was up before Jim. I started working on blog right away. I finished my post before I made breakfast. By then we were both really hungry. I went up to line dance class. We danced till only about 10:45 and two of the ladies and I talked about 45 minutes. I walked back. We had lunch, I read a new book outside. Was so nice outside.

I walked up to the pool, first time I was ever in this one. They have two pools one is for kids I guess. Was nice I did not stay in very long, I wanted to rinse off, but no showers there. I went back to the FW and showered. And I cut my bars for the party tonight.

We had dinner, leftover chicken from yesterday and zucchini. Then we got ready to go back up , we drove up this time. There was a very large crowd. They had invited 4 other campground groups to join us. Jim and I got to do some of our old fun dances. We headed home about 10:30 Jim was ready to go, they were still going strong.
We came home I showered again, and we watched the news, before bed. Just for the record we are still getting stink bugs out of here. Caught 3 just since we got home.

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