Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Dancing and walkng, walking and dancing

Monday February 19, 2018

I was up at 7:00, it is a lot easier to get up when you have something special to do. We had our leftover breakfast from yesterday, I made some eggs to go with it. After my morning routine I was ready and I walked up to Line Dance. Those ladies are hard core, we danced from 10 to 1. There was 
6 still dancing when I left. It was really fun, They had a flag raising for presidents day. They had red velvet cake and coffee. I got two pieces to take back for us to go with our lunch. I walked back after 1:00.

While I was gone Jim had some alone quite time, but he did a lot of things while I was gone. He reconditioned the water softener, and grilled some veggies and burgers to go with the leftovers we were going to have for lunch.

When I got home I had lunch. I sat outside a bit while he finished a movie he started. It was so warm and beautiful outside. I had to sit in the shade. It is fun to say hi to people walking by and pet there dogs. Jim came out and we went for a long walk, still quite warm out. Came back and talked with our neighbor across the road, they wanted to know where we got our flag pole, we chatted a bit. Came home and put the grill back on. He grilled chicken for tomorrow. I put some potatoes in the IP then took them out and but in some boneless pork ribs. Then they come out and go on the grill with BBQ sauce after the chicken came off. We had a nice dinner it was a little later then I would have liked. Time just goes so fast. We talked about our plans for heading back to PA already.

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