Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday January 31, 2018

Was up at 8:30 am I had a yogurt for breakfast. We watched some of the Today Show. I was still in my AM attire when Bob and Sally knocked on the door. They wanted to see if we wanted to go to the strawberry place with them. We told them of our plans and we decided not to, but planed on meeting up later at the pool. We showed them the FW. The first time we did not make the bed ASAP in the morning, and we had company. We didn't know they were coming over.  I made the bed quick when Jim answered the door.
We had a lot of things planed so Jim rushed me out the door.
We had a lot of errands, till we left I was starving, so we stopped and got a quick grilled chicken snack wrap at Wendy's.
Ok much better, so off we went. Went  to WalMart for mainly food, and to get Jim's pills.
Then bealls  clothing store wanted a bathing suit, no luck.

Then we went to get beer, and outside the store they had a water kiosk. and filled up some jugs. Ok think we are finished.
We went home and put some stuff away. Then we went to the ice cream social that we wanted to go to. Was nice I have to take a pill to eat real ice cream. Was nice we sat on one of the front porch swings while we ate our ice cream.
I made taco soup in the IP. I cooked beef for Jim added it to half for him, and turkey burger for me and did the same.
Then I went to the pool/hot tub and talked with Bob and Sally for awhile. They have  a swap table at the pool that I think is a good idea. I want to get them to do it at Hershey. Anyway,  every time
I showered there I take something to put on the swap table, when I go back its gone. I mainly took kitchen items over.
We had salad and chicken for dinner. Then we went for a walk and stopped and visited with the June's before they leave.  We will see them at the CTC luncheon in Florida and Rally in TN end of September. We had a nice visit with them, and headed back a little after dark.

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