Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Moving Day and Ground Hog Day

Friday February 2, 2018

Ground hog predicted 2 more months of Florida winter.

Moving day smoothies, left at 10 AM for Clermont to Encore property Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort. Arrived at 12:30 this is a huge place. It is like 3 different campgrounds wrapped around a golf course. Which makes things easy to find, they are Crossroads, Lifestyle, which is funny ( that's the name of our FW) and we are in the Veranda.
We found our site and set up. Had a leftover lunch. I like to always have lunch food ready so when we move and are ready we can eat, so no one gets " hangry "know who just said that? Had salad with chicken Jim had grilled yesterday and taco soup and an avocado chocolate mousse I made.
I did 3 loads of wash, yea, we have full hook ups again, also know as FHU.
We took an hour walk around to get acclimated to the area. Not nearly enough time.
Came home Jim grilled a couple of burgers turkey and beef. We showered relaxed I worked on the blog. I have been doing the typing and Jim puts up the pictures, good team work. Because without pictures the blog is really boring, I think.
Is cooling off once it gets dark, had to shut the door. Time to relax:)

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