Monday, February 12, 2018

Pool Day

Pool Day
Wednesday January 24, 2018

Jim was up to start the day at 7, I did not join him until 9ish, not sure why I was such a sleepy head today. We don't do anything to make us tired!  I made paleo pancakes at10ish.
Walked for 1 1/2 hours, had lunch at 3. Then we went to the pool/hot tub for 4 hours. then we showered at the pool. Saving our tanks from filling to soon.
Jim made a fire and grilled some chicken for tomorrow.
I love to watch him make a fire and chop the wood and make kindling, there really is an art to it.  We have seen so many people try to make a fire and have no idea how to do it RIGHT. We see a lot of people dump a lot of lighter fluid on, once we even saw someone kept putting paper towels on. Finally I said hon can you go show them how to start a fire. They were very nice and appreciative. OK some city people never get to try it. I think he should post a how to video, if nothing else it sure would be cute:)

Chores, cooking,  just real Life
Thursday January 25, 2018

Both of us up right before 9. I made smoothies and started a load of wash. Walked for 45 minutes, came back and made lunch.
I cleaned out the cabinets above the sofa. Jim helped me, he stapled the rubber non slip stuff. The problem was it did not stay put, so Jim gave it some help with the staple gun. Funny story, we had to buy another staple gun, we "accidentally" sold the good one, as Jim says. I think he blames me, anyway....
I had cookbooks in the one cabinet and they kept sliding to the back of the cabinet the book ends didn't work, so Jim put a piece of wood there, and problem solved. We also stained the sofa table Jim made. Turned out really nice. I have one more thing I want to do to it later. I vacuumed and made taco soup in IP and salad for dinner. Then I made paleo pumpkin granola. So good on greek yogurt. No oats just nuts and seed pumpkin, coconut oil, really good. TV and bed.
Just a day in the life of full-time RV's. We are not on vacation like some people think. We are just doing real life things as everyone does, just on a mobile basis. Simply, a Good Life.

Pizza Hut, and Pot Luck with new friends
Friday January 26, 2018

Jim woke up early he was up at 7, I got up at 7:30. As usual TV coffee and relaxed from all the relaxing. We had our tanks emptied today before we did anything else. Went for a little walk looking for crocks, none yet. We went to pizza hut for lunch, been a long time since we were able to go there for mid week lunch together. Then WalMart wanted to reorder more pills for Jim. Have to go back later to get them. We had to return the plastic protective cover he bought for his new phone, it was broken. Came back and emptied two cabinets to fix the rubber shelf liner like yesterday. Then put all the pantry items back in. I love my new RV pantry.
I went into the pool alone, was cold, pool would have been to cold for Jim. He stayed home he wanted to call his Mom. It was a little cold compared to yesterday, there was a guy working on it.
Came back and made my baked beans for the pot luck tonight. Started to use my induction burner. Is cool does not heat up the camper, I used my new square copper pans that were all the rage
a while back.
The Pot Luck and fire started at 7, was a little late to eat plus it was dark with no lights, Jim got one of our lights to put near food table. The food was really good, TT made the chicken and supplied the beer.
We sat with our new friends Bob and Sally from E-town PA. I first met and talked with them in the pool. We ate together with no light, Bob had a cool trick we put Jim's cell phone on the flashlight mode face up and set a water bottle on it.  Was so cool it lite up the whole table so we could all see to eat, cool trick.
They had live inspirational  music inside, we were going over, but the problem was music was on the religious side. so it felt weird to take beer in there. So the 4 of us went back to the fire. We  had a great meal there firewood and beer. talk about a great free night. We stayed up and talked until 10:30, till they turned the light out on us, we called it a night. We definitely want to see them again back in PA. they live only 20 minutes from the Hershey TT we go to.

Comedy Night at TT
Saturday January 27, 2018

What a day today is. My mother passed away on this day 8 years ago. And one year ago today we spent our first night on our way home from MI in Ohio in our new FW home. What a strange way to have it all come together , she was with us on that night watching out for us.
Up at 9 am smoothie went to sell my bags at a craft thing they have in the park. Was fun,  able to talk with a lot of nice people. Went home at 12 think Jim liked his quite alone time. I made chicken quesadillas for lunch so good one of our favorite.
Went to pool, then worked on a few more pantry shelves, we have 6 total almost done. Made IP dinner, grilled veggies.
Tonight is the first comedian at TT. Rico Sita, is his name if you ever get to see him, was really good, he is from Brooklyn. He was really funny with the whole RV and older people stuff. We liked him a lot. Jim was talking with him on fb and he said he should come to TT in PA too, he said he could do the East coast TT tour.
Was a good way to end the evening.

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