Saturday, February 17, 2018

CTC Luncheon

Thursday February 15, 2018

We set alarm for 7. Don't want to be late or not ready when someone is coming to pick you up. I made smoothies and a greek yogurt. We pack a few things we were taking along. We always take water and diet pepsi where ever we go. Tom and Chris were right on time, arrived at 9:00. We drove with them to TTO we met Diana and Jerry there and drove the rest of the way with them. The luncheon was a Buddy Freddy I never heard of it, was a buffet place. Really good, at a good price too.

The people we know from PA were there that also have a Lifestyle. Mike and Candy, they are so nice they really helped us make our decision to get our FW. We got to meet there friends too.

Everyone introduced themselves. They had a little meeting, things they had to discuss. We all talked for awhile. Then we started to head out.

We went back the same way. When we got back to  TTO Chris and Tom were not there yet. They were setting up with a dog sitter for next week they are going on a cruise. So here at TTO they have a veggie guy come every Tuesday and Thursday. So I sort of said if we could stop while we wait for them to get back. So Jim and I went over there. I was able to get spaghetti squash, radishes, strawberries, red and green peppers. That was nice of Jerry, Thanks.

Then we all went to Jerry's FW and all 6 of us talked for quite a while. Was really nice we all shared our funny RV stories. We headed out about 4:30. We thanked Jerry and Diana and, we drove back then with Tom and Chris to our park in Clermont.

We thanked them again for driving, and taking us along. Jim grilled some chicken for our moving day salad tomorrow. We had a little piece we shared and some grilled veggies from yesterday. I then cleaned up, showered,  put some stuff away to move tomorrow. Worked on the blog for awhile, and called it a night.

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