Monday, February 12, 2018

Went to see Dee and Jim

Tuesday January 30  2018

Up early made a zucchini pie and some paleo chocolate chip cookies, and a salad to take along when we go see Jim and Dee. I'm so excited to see her and where there new home is that I have seen so many times on the blog. The first and only 
time I ever met them was when she was still in rehab after having her knee surgery.We stopped to fill up with diesel first. We ate lunch together she had sandwiches and potato salad, was very nice with everything all together. Then they gave us a walking
tour of the area they call home now. Such a beautiful area we saw they pool and activity room, even met a few of there neighbors.
She was so nice to help me start this blog right before we were going to leave.  I thank her so much for that. It will be so nice to look back on later, and we hope at least friends and family like to read it, but it sure is a pain trying to get caught up from when we started this trip.

We said our goodbyes with plans to meet up later.
On the way home we found a Camping World we needed a new LP detector and smoke detector. Safety first. Our LP detector kept going off for no reason so we figured we just needed a new one. 

When we got home we had a leftover dinner. I love leftovers. I had grilled chicken and Jim had beef roast I made in the IP, he said it was good. Did the dishes then we took trash out and checked the board to see what activities  they had coming up the rest of the week.
We watched the president on TV and I started this blog. Have a long way to go to catch up. Again sorry a lot of dates are out of order, big learning curve here.

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  1. Good to see your posts again. Hoping your weather down there is better than here. Rainy, rainy and rainy... current temp is 42. Oh well, supposed to hit near 70 by Thursday and RAIN. Looking forward to hear more of your adventures.