Saturday, February 10, 2018

Line Dancing and Grilled Vegs, Travel Day

Line Dancing and Grilled Vegs, Travel Day, Errands and One Man band, and Dee

Thursday January 18, 2018

I was up at 8:30, had a greek yogurt and coffee, and off to line dance. I might add that I went alone, he waited around. Some guy asked if anyone went to RV show yesterday, I was the only one who said they did, he really wanted to get my extra set of tickets. We talked I said I would give them to him, they were from PA too, we talked a bit and figured out when we could get together. Was there from 10:30 to 12:30 Jim and I walked back together.
We bought strawberries from the veggie guy that is here Tuesdays and Thursdays at TTO.  Jim grilled carrots,  zucchini, onions, peppers, green beans, and turkey burgers.
The guy I met that wanted the tickets came over to get them. We talked a bit. Eddie and Lori were so nice turned out they are neighbors with Jim's boss, and they parked there MH where we stayed the last two months in PA, at the riding club. We drove past his MH everyday going back and forth to work, we could not believe it. What are the odds. We exchanged cards and said we would get together when we all were back in PA.
We had dinner later, I did some wash and got some stuff done for moving day tomorrow. We hate to leave, love the area and our spot, even though it is huge place.

Travel Day
Friday January 19, 2018

Had a smoothie and finished getting ready to leave. Made it out by
10:10 drove 2 hours to Wauchula TT Peace River. You have to wait for a full hook up site. They have a lotto here. You have to park and wait till after 1:00 take what is left. We parked in a water and electric site only, which was not that easy, did not feel like moving again.  We said we can "ruff it" for 2 weeks with no sewer. You get one free dump a week, also known as a "honey wagon" in RV talk, for our people that don't know the RV language yet.
Jim was setting up the dish and the neighbor an 83 year old man who was alone, his wife died last year he was in a camper van, " class B".
He seamed to like watching Jim set up dish. and we talked a little about food what he had in the van to cook with, he said he didn't have lunch yet, by then it was after 2. I offered him white chicken chili I made the other day, that's what we had like an hour before. He accepted, yea I found an older person to cook for, Jim says she is happy now:)
We walked around camp ground. Watched a recorded movie.

Errands and a One Man band, and Dee
Saturday January 20, 2018

Was up early for me lately 7:30, I walk 45 minutes alone. We went to Giovanni's for pizza lunch. A cute little Italian place with a wood fired pizza oven, that smells so good when you walk in. We were here last time we came to Florida but we didn't get to try the pizza, today is the day. Hard to find good pizza in Florida, it is great here.
We walked around Wauchula a little, not much to see. Then we drove to WalMart & Winn Dixie and got water from a self service kiosk outside the wine and spirits store. Of course we went in there too.
I made yellow rice and had Leftover meat and vegs to go with it. I took some over to Mr. Ford, he was so sweet and thanked me.
Went to see the entertainment for the night a One Man band was really good I went alone, then went back to get Jim. We danced a little, then went back to the fire he had started, so nice and relaxing.
I was able to talk with Dee my full-time RV idol. She is no longer full-time, but I loved reading her blog when she was and I still do, but she only posts once a week now. We tried to set a time to get together I think we figured it out. She is about an hour from where we are. Another great day.

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