Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Rainbow for my Brother

Saturday February 24,2018

Again can't believe I was up before Jim today too. I ate a bowl of cereal and 1 slice of toast from Trader Joe's later and a greek yogurt with fresh strawberries. When Jim got up he made his own breakfast. Didn't do much this AM, we were going to go somewhere, but we were lazy, wanted to get things ready for moving day tomorrow. Jim did some things outside, I did a few things. Jim grilled some chicken, enough for a few days.

My brother told Jim on facebook that he was getting a new Rainbow vacuum cleaner today, he had a guy coming over. My first one lasted 17 years, on my second now. He had the same one all these years. If you never saw one in action, it is a must see. I was able to talk with him later, he was so excited about all the new features.

We had lunch with some of the grilled chicken. We went for a walk around the park, it was so nice out. Had a few drops of rain, I had a load of cloths hanging out. Not enough to even make it wet. Table was a little, wet so hot dried right away.

I was inspired by my brothers cleaning, I have been wanting to use the Rainbow myself, I kept procrastinating. So I did the whole RV it takes a long time to vacuum 43 feet. I cleaned both bathrooms too.
When I was finished later I talked to my cousin for almost an hour, she is so fun to talk to, always my favorite.

Made dinner, took a showered.

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