Saturday, February 10, 2018

Relaxing day in Pool, Anna Marie Island, Jacardia

Sunday January 21, 2018

We both were up at 8 am today. Jim made us both egg sandwiches
We went for an hour and half walk. Jim grilled chicken and I made salads for lunch. Ate outside very hot today, 80. So we went in pool/hot tub. Jim didn't stay in very long. I started talking with a lady in the pool about nails and we talked about 2 hours. I showered at pool to save our tanks since we are ruffing it with no sewer.
Jim watched hockey and some football. I heated some leftover something for dinner. He grilled some burgers for himself. I repainted my nails. Watch TV well I always do that,  looked at computer, dishes and bed. EXCITING

Anna Marie Island
Monday January 22, 2018

We were up early smoothies and out the door drove to Anna Marie Island. Jim and I renewed are wedding vows 2 years ago on the beach there. We walked the beach a little. I picked up shells like a little kid. I saw in gift shop they had a night light cover with what looked like a fake large shell. I have a little night lite with a light blue cover on I do not like the look of so I made my own free souvenir of AMI and I now like my night light.
We ate lunch there that I packed. Then we took a free bus all around and saw the sights. Found a great place for homemade ice cream at Joe's. Got back on bus, had to wait a while till bus got there. Talked to a nice couple while waiting.
Wanted to get back before dark. Went into pool and showered. Made a quick dinner and called it a wonderful day on the beach.

Jacaranda Hotel
Tuesday January 23, 2018

Woke up at 8 to two dogs fighting, ok then time to get up. Did the usual Today Show, coffee, breakfast, smoothies. I have to stop saying that every am don't know what else to say I guess.
We went to the Jacaranda Hotel for lunch. We went two years ago because I always read how Dee always went with people visiting FL, so we went and when we went in two years ago I teared up because I saw it so many times on her blog and I couldn't believe we were there living the RV dream I  longed for. This time I didn't cry but I did get a CD of the man playing the piano so beautifully. His name is Jeff Klein really enjoyed it. Guess this is where I would put a link to it so you could see, listen and or buy CD but I don't know to do that stuff yet, anyway. If you even can with some ones  music.
Went to a place we found by accident before Maxwell in Avon Park for oranges, not good this time, they had some storm damage I blame that. Is a cute little place.
Got home pool and showers again. I made ribs in IP then put on grill a little. Worked on my shell lite I just posted about. Great Day.

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