Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Superbowl and household jobs

Sunday February 4, 2018

Made AM smoothies.  We took the time to finally put up the sign I ordered a long time ago " Living The Dream" and a few Tatouage  
butterflies. Did a few other little things I wanted to do for while.
I made hard boiled eggs in my IP. So easy just set pot you don't have to watch them, then in ice water bath. They are so easy to peel. They get perfect, I made deviled eggs with them.

We had soup and salad. I worked on blog. What a job trying to catch up. I have days out of order. This is a job, bare with me while I try to figure this out.

Worked on cleaning out the last 2 pantry shelves, and stapling the liner down. Jim helped me with that.

It started to rain and did for most of the evening. Jim grilled anyway, veggies then tuna steaks out under the awning. Once it started raining the wind stopped, which worked when trying to grill.

We watched the Sportsball  ( LOL Lee ) it made our boys laugh.
Made us some snacks I made sweet potato chips in coconut oil, and the deviled eggs and chocolate black forest mug cake has cherries and topping.

Then my game came on, This Is Us

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