Thursday, February 15, 2018

Watch Falcon Heavy Launch

Tuesday February 6, 2018

This am was "everyman for himself" as we call it. Jim made his breakfast,  short time later I made mine. He did peel an orange and got two banana muffins out of the freezer for our eggs.

Jim went fishing and I washed my hair and ran the vacuum cleaner, I love my Rainbow.

When he got home we sat outside in the shade for awhile. Then we went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch salad bar, was wonderful took 1/2 my turkey burger home for tomorrow.

Then we went to Citrus Tower in Clermont Florida when we got up to the top it is 22 stories high. We said when is that launch for the Falcon Heavy with space X. It was over an hour away, they put it off for awhile because of the wind. then a few people came up a Mom, Dad 2 kids and the Grandma. They were fun to talk to, we were with them for an hour. We saw the launch it was really cool. So glad we stayed.

We then went to Walgreens mainly because we made a wrong turn.
We then went home.

I went for a walk alone around crossroads. Talked with a lady and her dog Mr. Mo then I went home.

Did 2 loads of wash. Jim made a fake log fire and he grilled a steak,  watched hockey outside TV. I was inside the rest of the night. 

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