Sunday, March 3, 2019

From 1 casino to Las Vegas

Woke up in one beautiful casino parking lot,  heading to many more. I really enjoyed our night boondocking at a casino, it was a lot nicer than Walmart has been. It was definitely way quieter we had a couple nice security lights outside our door. Felt like we slept very well. I made breakfast Jim got the Genny going. We went outside when he was hooking up, we were so unlevel I didn't want to hear it when he started moving the jacks on the inside, it's definitely a ride I didn't want to take again. When I came outside there's a lake down below we keep seeing fishing boats going down there lazt night, Jim thought they were having a fishing tournament this morning. When I came out they were playing the national anthem, so we stood there listened, with our hands on our hearts and a tear in our eye. We finished hooking up and pulled out around 9:30. The drive was beautiful, pictures just don't do it justice

. We found a wonderful rest area to pull into and have lunch. I had pre made some sandwiches  and I heated up the last  of the chicken corn chowder on the stove for lunch.
The total drive was somewhere around 200 miles which was really nice relaxing drive off the Main Highway. But the last 20 miles getting into Vegas was crazy. When we checked in the lady at the gate took are license plate numbers off both FW and truck. She told us where to park and go in to register. The entrance was like a very high-end Hotel check-in. Very nice you looked around a little bit. Checked in and then pulled into our site.

There's over 700 sites here we had to put the FW to the very front of the site and squeeze the truck in the back just fit. We got everything set up, Jim does outside I do inside. At this point it's getting to be a pain to put some of the little things out just to put them away again in 5 days, so I didn't. I put yellow rice and chicken in the instant pot ,  Neil and Nancy called we talked to them for a bit .  We ate a salad  and then,  We went for a walk all around the campground looked at the registration area again. They have a little store with food and RV items also 6 slot machines, Jim put $2 in. We looked at the pool, oh they have an adult and one for children, hot tub. We walk back towards the RV looked at the laundry room, the bath house has separate bathrooms for when you go over there. We got back to the FW and had dinner the rice and chicken from the pot. We tried to find something on TV, earlier Jim got the satellite set up very quickly. And fortunately we still get our local channels from Palm Springs. We rented the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, it was really good. But I was very tired and falling asleep by 8:30. We both went to bed around 10.

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  1. We've bookdocked at Casinos all over the country. Some free with hookups even. Don't spend all your retirement money in Vegas. Just a suggestion.