Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pre Travel Rest day

Today was my turn to get up first. I made the coffee. I got to watch one of my shows or two, Jim was up probably close to 9 a.m. I had a bowl of cereal earlier, but when he got up we got ready and went over to the family center they serve breakfast on the weekends. Nobody was around, he had biscuits and gravy and eggs I just had half a biscuit  and cookie, they had leftover probably from last night. She told us to take the whole tray, no way. I did put four in the freezer though, for a travel day  treat for later. Jim watched the hockey game  when we got back. I was busying myself doing little sewing jobs I've been putting off. I never want to do when I'm  still working. Did a couple loads of laundry. We had lunch of salad and leftover ribs. While I was inside, I heard Jim talking, I looked out he was talking to our neighbor  woman who is alone .  She is from Texas, she wanted to open a bottle of wine and could not get it open,  Jim said she tried everything .  So Jim to the rescue , he loves to save damsels in distress. Then he went outside to enjoy the Sun. And I watched another movie I've been wanting to watch. I read the book first, Heaven Is For Real. Can't get through that without crying. Then just spilled water all over the place so we cleaned that up he took the rug out to dry. Then I came out and sat outside a little bit, worked on the blog.  talked about tomorrow's  travel day , we're only going to leave around 11 a.m. . Because check-in is later, we only have about a good two-hour drive though. Heading to another TT in Texas. While he was outside he called and talked to his mother for a little while. They said it was going to rain today but it never did. It is just beautiful out Jim said it was about 78 degrees. But you could feel the humidity today I guess because of the rain we had yesterday.

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  1. I read the book first and then saw the movie. Watch out cheeks here come the tears.

    A bit chilly here today. Supposed to get to 70 by the weekend.