Friday, March 29, 2019

Stayed Home

I woke up at 6:15 a.m. my nose started running like crazy not feeling that well. Went to the bathroom once you start blowing your nose, it just won't stop running I did try to lay down for a little while longer. I woke up about 45 minutes later Jim was just getting up. He was going to go fishing but it was thundering, but never did anything. About 8:30 when it stopped I heard him leave with his fishing rod. And I got up felt like crap. The TT maintenance guys were over first thing looking at our neighbors electric.  Had some coffee, was hungry because we had such a light early dinner last night. Jimmy ate three times I only did twice. I made a us each a smoothie, put his in the fridge, drank mine while I made pumpkin paleo pancakes and egg. Was watching my Today Show. Jim came back right before noon, we sat outside for a while then came inside and went back outside. It was very beautiful out. I washed the sheets we made the bed later. Jim put the grill on and grilled one pork chop for later. I will add it with the leftover one tonight. He also grilled green beans and zucchini. I mixed up a batch of turkey burgers with applesauce. Jim grilled them. I made some cauliflower tots, Jim did not really care for. Then while the oven was on I made 4 little mini pumpkin custards with the leftover pumpkin from breakfast. I put everything away. We ate lunch outside.   Jim went for a walk later, I didn't feel up to going, just was feeling tired and just a little off.  Jim saw our neighbor when he came back, and he asked him about his electric. He said they couldn't get it on so they have to move their permanent site, shortly after that they were gone, guess he's going to do it another weekend they need to bring the truck back.  What a pain that will be, he seemed to have a pretty good attitude about it. Jim put some stuff away outside it is suppose to rain a little tomorrow morning.  I took a shower, made dinner a little later, watched a little TV and chilled.

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