Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Oklahoma where the wind goes......

Jim woke up very early, at 6 a.m. , he couldn't sleep any longer. I woke up a few hours after that. Around 9 a.m.  we had a brief thunderstorm and heavy rain ,  didnt  last very long . Then I made us breakfast, a smoothie for us, and eggs for Jim, he always has to have his eggs. We did our normal morning  routine. We decided to take a little day trip. We ate a grilled Burger to hold us over till later. It turned out to be fairly nice the rest of the day. We had a few drops come down later but not bad. We're very close to the Oklahoma border. We had to mail something back home to a Lebanon  address,  from this rinky-dink post office from Lebanon address in Oklahoma.
We drove to Tishomingo, about 35 miles or so from the Thousand Trails we are at. Went into a visitor center, got a lot of information.
Then we walked around the cute little shops and stores. Love to look at all the little trinkets that I have no room to purchase anything.

We went  into one little store that Blake Shelton's mother runs, we got to meet her. Store is called Junk Stars,

He also has another restaurant there Ole Red, we were getting hungry so we went in for a quick bite. We shared a catfish, Hush Puppy and French fries plate. We shared a piece of red velvet cake. It really hit the spot we were very well satisfied. The whole time we ate there was a guy playing the guitar.

One cute little shop we went into the girl said she works in the restaurant too. There's a former bed and breakfast there  that she was telling us about that Blake and Gwen stay in when they're in town. His ranch in the area is up for sale. We had a nice little walk around. Then we stopped to get diesel so we have a full tank for travel day tomorrow. And they also were selling firewood so Jim bought two bundles of firewood. We drove back to TT, arrived  before dark.  We took a little drive around, not too many people here the place is fairly empty. We had a lovely salad and some boneless pork ribs that we first smoked, and then I put them in the instant pot, so tender. I also steamed some green beans for our dinner. Then they had a live band right across the road at the family center, which we could enjoy right from the comfort of our FW. We watched American Idol in the comfort of our own home while we enjoy the music.

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