Friday, March 8, 2019

Menopause the Musical

We got up this morning and went up to the lobby and had breakfast again because it was so good the other day. I had toast, Jim had French toast. I called and talked to my brother Drew because it was both of my brother's birthday today. Born on the same day two years apart. After breakfast trying to decide how we were going to spend our day, we talked to the concierge., and booked a travel day for Thursday to go to the Hoover Dam. We went and picked up our mail,  that we had delivered here to the campground at Oasis .  That's always a pain a lot of junk to go through . Then we went back to the camper talked about our plans and then we had lunch. I had pre-made salads with chicken we grilled then we went to the lobby and got an Uber and went to the Mandalay Bay. We walked around and wanted to go to the Shark Reef, We didn't feel like we had enough time, then we got on the tram and rode it all the way to the end and then back again to Harrah's. We walked around the casino till we found our tickets for the show tonight. Then we went to Toby Keith's restaurant, I love that bar and grill.

We had a really nice dinner, Jim had a huge Reuben & fries, I had fried catfish, coleslaw and cornbread very Southern Restaurant very good. Jim even had a couple beers, it wasn't cheap but worth the money. We walked around some more. Our show started at 7:30 so we went in and they found us our seats. For Menopause the Musical, featuring Cindy Williams, from Laverne & Shirley. Once the show started we got to sit a little closer. Is very good and funny because menopause is a hoot. When the show was over Jim  said what do you  want to do now, I said why don't we go down to the Fremont Street Experience and check out the nightlife. So he called another Uber and we went over there. Believe me there was a lot of nightlife, crazy. Jim bought a $12 beer, it was a 24 oz. size. Then he found a little store you can go into and by two 16oz. aluminum cans for $5, he did that a few times. As we walked around, there was bands playing on either end of the block. The Country band was one of our favorites we saw the other night. Tony Marques Band, TMB.

People above us going on zip lines over our heads. Then a light show that they show on the ceiling makes it look like there's aliens coming. The show girls were out getting guys to take their pictures with him, one guy that was quite drunk, you could tell, went over and took their picture with them, I saw he gave her $20. And then he kept going back and rubbing on them again. They kept trying to get Jim to come over, then he looked at me and tried to make me the excuse why he wasn't going over. He said they keep calling me over I said because you keep looking at them. It was entertaining to watch. A lot of people panning for money, playing drums on 5 gallon buckets, doing sculptures of people's faces,  putting bronze looking paint on them, painting, playing the guitar. Two different guys are walking around with dogs one only had three legs and they look so tired. We stayed out till after 1 in the morning call another Uber and got back to the camper, of course we can't go right to bed after that so we were up till 2 woohoo. Party animals.

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