Saturday, March 9, 2019

Recovery morning, dinner with new friends

I didn't get up till after 9 this morning, kind of felt drugged and sleepy from all the cigarette smoke, and other smoke in the air last night. Jim said talk about a second hand High.  I don't get the fun high I get sleepy. We rested watch the Today show I did a load of laundry, WE wanted to go somewhere but never did leave. We had made plans for 6 to go meet at the California Pizza Kitchen to have dinner with people we met at the escapees bash which was months ago now in Havasu. Right next door to the restaurant was a container store, and a Whole Foods.We left around 4 Jim got more diesel filled up the truck it was just under $3 a gallon. Then we went to The Container Store, that is an OCD persons dream, I was never in one. We did find a banana hook, container to put beer in the inside fridge, a rack to hold my cookbooks so they don't fall over. Also a a container to hold my small steak knives. I had an old Taffy box for years and it was shredding, it fit in perfectly. Then we walked over to the California Pizza Kitchen to wait for our friends Marvin & Terri Hein from Las Vegas they were at The Bash. We had a few very nice conversations with them, they're mainly about are AGM batteries and how the old ones died slow painful deaths. Jim has been  emailing him and he check this email after we waited for a while and he noticed they had mentioned coming and picking us up, so he emailed him back and said that we were there, They showed up a few minutes later, which was like 6:15 maybe and we were there talkin till 9:37, we kept talking in the parking lot. Really nice people so cool to no people in Las Vegas now a total of 3. I had shrimp with zucchini noodles and a little bit of pasta, Jim had a thin BBQ chicken pizza which we shared both. Terri had Chicken marsala and Marv had a pasta dish of some sort too. When the meal was over they actually treated us and paid for dinner. We thank them very much it was very unexpected and so nice of them. Yeah they said when they come east we will return the favor, Jim already told him the restaurant we will take them to, the Quentin Tavern. They also have an instant pot that they use a lot I said since we all had pasta I'll make them pasta in it another night. So we said our good buys and hugs and handshakes and went back to the camper. Forgot to record our one show, now I have to find it on demand. We went to bed early, we have an early day tomorrow for more fun on the horizon.

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