Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Walked strip for 7 Miles

When we got up I made a smoothie, I had a bowl of cereal and yogurt and made him some eggs. And then we got ready for our big adventure. We walked up to the lobby of the campground. Jim called for an Uber and they arrived at 11:45. Nice young kid he's lived here less than a year he did a great job for us and dropped us off at the plaza, and gave us a lot of information. Was only $24 from the campground with a tip. We got out of the Uber  walked into Fremont Street , and within five minutes we got sucked into this beauty store , we're a wonderful sales guy from Grease, Antonio, showed us his products , called Valaiss, man was he good .  Now that we were in there for at least an hour and a half ,  I felt like we bonded, all three of us . 
We didn't want to walk around with all the products all day so he would drop them off at the camper tomorrow morning for us .  He says his apartment  is one of the big buildings that's right next to the campground. Then we walked and walked and walked, and walked, and walked. Of course we took a lot of pictures,

We got off track a little bit, but then got back towards all the huge buildings on the strip. We were looking for a place to eat for a long time, you would be surprised how hard it was to find something. Of course everything is a casino and I hate the smell of smoke right inside the door. I told Jim it felt like we were on Survivor in the the Concrete Jungle because I ran out of water, No Pepsi or Beer, couldn't find food, no transportation no shelter, no fire, not to mention all the Predators I mean people around that were somewhat Shady looking. I told Jim he would see a lot of things you never saw before. We finally broke down and ate,  I guess around 4:30 at a Panda Express, found a table outside,  course the view is great.

The weather was great all day, it never did get too cold, or hot for that matter just right. We walked up to the Bellagio and saw the fountain show go off, whatever they call it. I took a video of it lasts about three minutes goes off about every 15.

We walked to the hotel Bally's and that's where we ended up calling or Uber to come back, which by then was about 8:30 p.m. we walked the whole time except for about an hour where we sat to eat. We told the Uber Guy where we were dropped and then where he picked us up at he couldn't believe how far it was he said you walked that far. By this time we could feel that we did, we were pooped it felt so good to get in the car and sit down the ride was pretty quick $17 with tip for the way home. We walked through the lobby at the campground walk past the pool and hot tub and they said I bet it would feel good to get in there, Jim agreed we walk back to the FW and he says I'm not walking back which I knew was going to happen, so we didn't watched a little TV and crashed. Crashed wicked hard

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