Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Happy Moving Day Monday

I was out of bed first this morning. Another night where we had no heat on at all. Which is fine when you're still in bed, but once you get up it was a little chilly.  I put the furnace on and warmed it up a little, Jim got up shortly after that.  I made the coffee, and  a smoothie and some eggs and sausage for Jim. Today we actually planned on leaving later. Checkout is at 11 am here, and we only had a 2-hour drive so we relax a little with our coffee before we got moving. I took a shower and washed my hair, and Jim did the outside chores, I worked on the inside. Said goodbye to our neighbor Regina, exchanged cards, she actually gave me a hug and thanked  Jim for opening her wine the other day. I wrote on the back of our card, when you're planning to come to Pennsylvania if you need another bottle opened. We left two minutes of 11:00 and headed towards Lake Tawakoni. Turned out to be a very pleasant drive, took about two and a half hours to get there. It was so close I didn't even pre make a lunch, we just had one stop with a quick pull off in front of a gas station and post office. We arrived at TT at 1:30.
Drove around a little to find a site. There was a lot more trees than we're used to, very woodsy. I really wanted to back up to the lake, which we could have, but there was no sewer. What a trade-off, beautiful view or no sewer. So we chose a site more Inland, but we can still see the water off in the distance.

We got set up, each had a bowl of soup that was left over. Jim got the satellite dish set up pretty quickly. Found out we can wash the RV tomorrow. We went for a walk around talk to a few people some guy from Ohio. The lake is huge we found out if its 37,800 + Acres. The lake provides water for Dallas, in the surrounding areas. We walked out on the pier looked at the water,

  went to the adult center, no children allowed but of course there's two in there. There's two pools one adult one family, didn't see a hot tub anywhere. Then we went back to the lake, we're the fish were really jumping,  was some guy in the boat fishing. Beautiful sunset off the water.

Then we went back to the FW watched a little TV enjoy very quiet evening. As we always say best part about this park TT Lake Tawakoni, is it's FREE

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