Thursday, March 14, 2019

High Winds, Nail Day

This AM when we got up, we had a muffin and coffee. Watched The Today Show, he planned a few more days of our trip. Then we got ready and went to get diesel fuel. Then we went to the San Pedro Golf Course that has a lovely little restaurant inside, with a view and we had lunch there.

We each had a grilled sandwich and fries and shared Blackberry key lime cheesecake. Then we drove to Tucson back to the same place  I got my nails done about 2 months ago. It was very windy out today, glad we weren't Towing the FW. I got to the nail place, the lady that did mine last time wasn't there, so I went with another lady. She didn't use the gel like I wanted her to, I said the other lady did it. She did the dip kind that smells horrible, but it worked and I got out of there pretty quick. I will paint them at home myself later. While I did that Jim went to the post office, and mailed papers to get our taxes done. He picked me up and we drove back towards Benson. We stopped at a place that was selling oranges out of a pickup truck. Bought 12 really nice-looking oranges for $3, hope they're really good. Then me went  to Walmart and bought a few things, beer of course, also needed hand sanitizer, Kleenex, socks, mascara a few other things. Got a text from our friends Neil and Nancy, they are in Florida right now, I texted her that I would call her when we got back to FW. Then we topped off the diesel fuel again Jim wanted to leave tomorrow with a full tank. Got back to the FW put the groceries away, called and talk to our friends. Then I started the instapot and made some vegetable soup with smoked turkey sausage. Later we had a lite dinner  the rest of the chicken corn chowder soup I made, and the rest of the inside out egg rolls. We watched a little TV, I did four loads of laundry, painted my nails and crocheted a little. Jim went to bed first I had a few minutes quiet alone time I'm kind of missing right now. Don't tell him I said that.

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  1. Lots of high winds forecasted for the next few days. Might be wise to stay put a while longer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.