Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Travel prep day

This morning after I got up I made us sweet Italian sausage and eggs with the rest of the potato from the instant pot for breakfast. Jim put a lot of things away drained or tanks, I did a load of laundry. We took a drive and went to Home Depot where to buy a small plunger kitchen sink wasn't draining well and we bought a vent for under the sink. We bought a vise grip too. We sat in  the parking lot for a bit, we were working on booking reservations for the next week we had to change a few things around, which always stresses Jim out for some reason. We filled up a couple water jugs, fill up with diesel fuel. Then we stopped at the big Activity Center on the way back into TT,   we hadn't seen inside any of the building is here yet.

We came back and heated up dinner, we only ate twice today. I made open-faced burgers and a salad and I made some Lactaid free pudding. Watched  a little TV and called it a day, very relaxing watching. Now we are  ready for the travel day tomorrow.

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  1. Len NEVER participated in RV planning. I decided where we were going, mapped out the directions, set the GPS, made reservations, planned activities. He said "Just tell me which direction to point the truck".