Thursday, March 28, 2019

RV/ Truck Washing Day

Jim was up right before me today, I got up kind of early at 7:15.  we relaxed with our coffee for a while, and watch the news. The hardest part was deciding what to make for breakfast. Jim said he dreamt about real pancakes, so I made a batch of the last of the mix I had, with blueberries. Of course I had to make a couple dippy eggs and a couple pieces of uncured bacon to. It was really good and kept us satisfied for a long time. Jim got bored with TV and went outside for a little while doing whatever.  I cleaned up the kitchen and then went and got ready  to go look around.  We drove around a little, not much to see, in Quenlan Texas, Jim kept counting the beer and liquor stores. After we went for a little drive we went into Walmart.  I wanted to go food shopping. Jim wanted to get beer and a fishing rod, I also wanted to get my pills at the pharmacy. Before we left I made sure I had enough of Jim's, but kind of forgot about mine. They didn't have my pills ready today, so they would have them tomorrow after 4.  So we will stop on the way home from tomorrow's adventure to pick them up . Then we stopped and filled up our water jugs. And I had a bag of clothes that I purged, we found a donation box and got rid of those too. Then we got home ate the last of our soup that I had left over. I bought two small pizzas at Walmart, thin crust for me, regular meat lovers for him, we ate 1/3 saved a third for tomorrow and froze a third for travel day. As soon as I made his soup he started his project for the day, he wanted to wash the RV & truck. Both very dirty. He did a wonderful job as usual.
I took him the rest of his lunch to eat outside. Pizza some grapes and I bought strawberries and had a leftover corn muffin from last night, made a short cake with that. While he was doing that I busied myself inside made white chicken chili, had a lot of food to put away.My eye lid started itching again, put the cream on that the Doctor gave me when it happened  before.  Does not seam to be helping, SOoo itchy, drives me nuts. She said it was eczema, but this feels like something else. I hope it's better tomorrow.  Jim grilled some chicken and I had a salad with some on it. He grilled a steak and had it with his salad. He took shower and we relaxed and watch the sunset together.

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