Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Travel Day Las Vegas to Cottonwood AZ

Travel day had to get up early. Was up around 7 a.m. I made a smoothie I made wraps with chicken for travel we left around 9:42 a.m. we stopped one time to get fuel Jim went in the camper, and I went inside when I paid, the gas station was all torn apart inside there is only a woman's room open which actually was the men's room. I wanted to grab lunch out of the fridge but it was so busy there we just kept going. Twice the truck  said  trailer was unplugged  then came right back on, don't know what that was all about . We drove another good hour and we pulled off the road, and pulled over right away onto the on-ramp, grabbed our lunch out of the fridge went to the bathroom. Sat in the truck for a minute and eat our wraps and got right back on the highway. Most of the highway was so rough and bumpy , Jim always trying to avoid potholes. We got to the top of the Mountain, elevation at 7000 feet. We went through snow flurries twice, saw cars with snow all over it, that wasn't very fun. There was a lot of snow on the ground too.
I'm glad we remember to deflate our Sleep Number bed  before we left. We had to  deflated and inflated when we got here . During travel  it got very hard in the elevation areas . We arrived at Verde Valley TT around 4:30.

The place is huge, beautiful scenery all around, multi levels. Not a lot of empty sites, forgot we had to pre reserve a 50 amp but 30 will work for now. The ranger told us a few sites he thought were empty turned out we didn't find any that were. The one that was we were looking at and the guy behind it told us at the sewer backed up and said that they fixed it, but it wasn't fixed, so he said. We drove around came back to it so you pulled in from the other directions so we were facing away instead of facing  the other RV. Which put are hookups on the wrong side  but we didn't want to be facing  our neighbor. We wanted to face the Sunnyside and The View. The guy came out and I told him it's all we can find. we were so tired we did the minimal setup. Jim set up the dish, it did take a bit, it would come in strong and then go right out. Heated the rest of the leftover chicken parmesan spaghetti I thank goodness I pre-made something, we had that for dinner. Watched a little bit of TV kept falling asleep in our chairs, waking up and finally just went to bed and I woke up he was gone went to bed too very tiring day after being up so late the night before partying our beep off.

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  1. We've replaced the Molded Rubber Trailer Plugs on all 5 of our RVs. They don't hold in the Truck Connection and can cause the loss of your Brakes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.