Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Recovery day

We got up this morning had a little bit of coffee, watched a  little TV, then got ready and went down to the main lobby and had breakfast. It was very good and reasonably priced. Jim had eggs toast and bacon I had a bacon egg and cheese sandwich. With tip was only $14. Then Antonio texted us, he dropped off the products I ordered, was very nice of him to do that, even hugged us both.  We sat in the beautiful Lobby for a while Jim looking at his phone trying to figure out what we wanted to do next, another big decision day. So we decided to go to Camping World, Jim needed black and clear caulk and we also bought bug remover for the camper. I also wanted to look at the portable fire in a can, I really wanted one but they are so heavy and decided to wait. You know I really want Jim to be able to enjoy a fire outside. Then we went to Lowe's Jim needed screws. And the truck started making this really weird squealing sound, which seemed like it was coming from the brakes, they didn't smell at all. So we pulled over to a gas station and I got out we looked around and didn't see anything, so he got back in again, and went back-and-forth, and then it stopped he thinks the stone fell out that he found, it was all scratched up and then it stopped. Crisis averted apparently. Then we went to Lowe's and got our screws looked around briefly. Then we took a drive to Thousand Trails, Las Vegas . We didn't know a lot of things about it,  Jim heard it was small and tight,  and not very nice place so we wanted to see for ourselves, 

because we're paying quite a bit of money for 5 days at the Oasis RV Resort. But it is very nice there the lobby is amazing for an RV  Resort. They  have a spot for big rig, and Deluxe sites, both being pull thru. Even a section of the campground for no pets. The difference in the two is the length of the sites,  we had to squish the truck in the back , but if we would have got a  big rig site we could have kept the whole length together,  but this works. Then we Cruised the strip in the pickup truck.

Then we went and got water and Diesel. Demi went back to the fifth wheel, I talked him into going into the hot tub and pool which was a lot of fun and very relaxing. Always makes for a great end of the evening even had a beer with them.

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  1. That picture of New York New York reminds me. Prior to RVing we flew into Vegas and rented a car. When to Grand Canyon, Bryce, Sedona, Etc. While in Vegas we parked in the New York New York parking lot. When we came back to the car we realized we left the keys locked inside.

    What to do. We talked to security who recommended a locksmith. As the locksmith pulled into the garage I remembered we have AAA! So we paid the locksmith $60.00 to open the car. AAA would have been FREE. Some times I wonder where my brain is.

    Looking forward to your visit.