Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Grand Canyon National Park

Jim was up this morning around 7, I got up around 8. He made himself eggs for breakfast. I premade refrigerator oatmeal last night to save me some time in the morning. Plus it's really good.  I texted both my son and daughter-in-law  and wished them happy anniversary 12 years today. We both took showers, got ready left around 10 a.m. . From our TT it was about 147 miles away, two and a half hour drive to Grand Canyon. We paid $35 to come in for the day.

Was hard to find a place to park, a lot of the parking lots were full already. That's why we wanted to leave earlier. We  drove in pretty far found a spot that the truck would fit, sign said nothing over 22ft which is our exact length. Porta-Potty right there. Then we walked towards the South Rim, and followed the path to the first place you could view the Canyon. Of course it is just breathtaking. I have to count how many pictures we took.

We saw a lot of elk, first we saw their poop, it looks like large black jelly beans, very deep hoof prints because it's been wet around here.

Made us very nervous seeing people on the edge, or even near the edge.
Pictures don't even do it justice. I asked a mother with  three teenage daughters if I could ask them a question, we both forgot how to take a panoramic picture with our phones, we both did it before accidentally. She showed us it was very easy when you know how.  Hopefully we remember, Then we took some really cool pictures once we learn how to.

I called my brother Drew in upstate PA, Jim got on the Face Time with him, he held the phone up so he could see the canyon too, we chatted for a minute and said Goodbye. We went into a little Museum / gift shop area they had a big observation window, It kind of jetted out a little bit. Was very warm in there, went to bathroom, saw displays of the evolution of the canyon. Then we  started our walk back along the rim towards the truck. The walk back was  quicker. We got in the truck got situated got a soda and granola bar headed out for a drive home. We saw more elk on the way out, quite large herds they look like they had a rough Winter though.

A lot of the roads are kind of rough around here, on the way home we went through Flagstaff and we're up 8,000ft elevation there just snow everywhere. Amazing how many people live here all the different houses. We were on the historic Route 66 for a bit. When we got home a little after Dark. Jim put the grill on to slowly  caramelized are boneless pork ribs from the instant pot last night, makes them so perfect. I heated up the potatoes and the grilled zucchini we had dinner watch TV and relax the rest of the evening. We figured we walked about 4 miles today.

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