Wednesday, January 16, 2019

5 fun things we did in the rain.

It started raining last night, all through the night and at least until 4pm, it rained. Found out later they said it rained here more in 24 hours then it did all last year. So when we woke up this morning it was  about 7:30 and Jim went out to start the generator, and it wouldn't start, and panic set in. At least for me. He came in to tell me which was obvious because I couldn't hear it.  It was warm under the covers but I didn't want to get up yet, I was waiting till he got it going had the coffee ready and the heat back on take the chill off, he spoils me so. He went back out, I said a little prayer, and this time it started. I was so thankful. Then he did everything I just said, I got up just after that, we watched The Today Show, which he gets sick of pretty quick.  I made him breakfast, It has pretty much rained all day long. Which I love a relaxing lazy day at home in the rain, but when it's kind of forced on you and you have minimal resources it was a little bit more of a strain. We made lunch and I got ready, was probably after 2 by then, I took a quick shower which I'm super good at doing a  minimum water boondocking showers, while Jim was out talking to the neighbor . When he finally turn the generator off, and the rain slowed down, when we walk down looking for some fun. First they had two couples talk about an Alaskan trip that they took, they gave a lot of tips on how to plan a trip for yourself which is very interesting. Jim went back to the camper and got another beer and I don't know what all we did. And then they had two guys talk on batteries. They call themselves The Geeks Peter and John, it was very interesting they were talking about their lithium batteries. Then JP the head ringmaster here which he is doing a wonderful job, talked about the schedule for tomorrow with some changes because of the rain. And then they had food trucks outside all set up. There was one with corn dogs, one with  tacos, ice cream truck, kettle corn, Burgers and Fries. So we walked back to the fifth wheel and had our smoked pork sandwich first, just the lines were so long. Jim refilled his beer bag, as I call it his man purse. We walked back and got in line and had some fries. The tacos were beef so that was a no-go for me. That was about all we had we were talking to whole bunch of different people and then they had another guy with a guitar and woman that were singing.
They were really good but I did like the guy from last night way better. They did start a campfire then in the big pot. We walked back through the mud again we had to turn the generator off of 10. It was muddy but even the mud is better here, it's like Sandy not so much dirt. I had some chicken thawed out from when I cleaned out the freezer I need to cook, so I grilled it on the Hubcap Grill inside. This time Jim took the smoke alarm down before it went off and took it upstairs, have to remind him to put it back. Then he turned the generator off and filled his beer bag up again, and with my slight encouragement, he took more beer and went back to the campfire for some alone quiet man time fun by the fire. So I worked on the blog trying to clean things up a little bit, which is not easy. Had a couple cups of lemon tea and got ready for bed, and waited for his return.

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