Friday, January 4, 2019

First day we needed the AC on

Last night I went to bed just after 9. I was tired from our long walk, talking to the people that came to help with our electric and cooking I guess. I was awake for about two and a half hours this morning before Jim got up. I got out of bed at 6. I started putting stuff away. When he got up I made a smoothie I made  some eggs and ham, made our lunch for travel day. I walked the garbage to the dumpster while he hooked up and we left at 9:38. Drove about an hour and a half before our first stop wanted to grab lunch from the fridge I was starving since I got up at 6. Then we drove for a while till we wanted to get fuel, found a really nice spot to get it at a truck stop. It's good we stopped for fuel when we did because we saw quite a few cars  that ran out of gas. You really feel like you're out in the middle of nowhere . The terrain has really changed now, and a lot of dead deer on the road.

We took a bathroom break at a pullover that they call picnic areas, we were the only one there until right before we left a truck or pulled in. And we figured out we were going to get fuel next and where are overnight Walmart spot was. We stopped at a Flying J and got fuel and then came to this Walmart in Fort Stockton, Texas. Very busy here a lot of RVs pulled in for the night. We asked permission got situated, I went in and did grocery shopping for the week by myself, came out and heated up soup that I made yesterday for dinner. Put the groceries away and called it a night.

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