Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Said goodbye to the Santa Ana winds

Jim woke up on California time 6:30 a.m. . The three-hour time difference is crazy to get used to. There's a fine line between trying to stay on the old time and working with the California time. But I wonder how long you have to live here before you were used to it. We just are worried about going back, so you're not  so off-kilter and feeling like you have jet lag. We're trying to stay at least somewhere  in the middle. I got up California 7 a.m. . We're ready for dinner by 3 California time,  but it really is after 6 so we feel like we're starving  sort of.

I forgot to do a smoothie Jim said darn. I made us some breakfast, we went for a walk it was very windy, we cut it  a little short. We took a drive looking for AGM batteries, but the store was no longer in business that he had found online.

We found the Chinese buffet place for lunch not that great but okay, wouldn't go again, so I guess that says a lot. Found a Sam's Club, and Walmart next door. We thought about turning our freezer back on and we can fill it up in there. There really is no need, to so we didn't. What we did by was some pills that I forgot I already had, eye drops Jim likes his mixed nuts and cashews some greens. Jim bought Fireball whiskey later he wished he would have bought some beer, ( He said he is going BACK) Jim said it was so much cheaper there. They had Diet Pepsi cans on sale, bulk magic erasers. Then Jim dropped me off at Walmart I went in by myself, biggest thing we learned last year in Florida I need to shop alone. That's when I bought some meat a few other items that you just can't bought buy small enough amounts. We found diesel for 3.47 a gallon. Driving around we had such beautiful views of the snow top mountains, I will never get sick of looking at that. Jim said why don't we live in California again. ??? You know we can make that happen. What to do .what to do :) 
When we got home after we put everything away we went for another walk. The wind had died down a lot by then. Jim only had sandles on so he cut out on me early, but I walked every Road not sure how long it takes probably good half hour. Don't get me wrong we did have a lot of relaxing today, on and off all day, so good,  so good. We had a light dinner of salad, and a couple peanut butter crackers and we shared a protein bar that  we also got at Sam's, it was only 3 grams of sugar very filling, and good for travel days.
By this time I was soon ready for bed, we were trying to watch This Is Us so tired have to rewatch a little of it since I had it recorded. By then it's after 11 that were used to. I can't remember what time we do something, let alone trying to remember what we did in two different time zones. Way more confusing than you think it's going to be, till You're Living the Dream, good night.

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