Monday, January 14, 2019

Goodbye Benson AZ

On The Road Again.... we woke up did our morning routine of smoothies and eggs, Jim's always up before me on travel day. Jim took the truck and filled it up with diesel. We started packing up and left just after 10 a.m. on our second Pitstop we put one slide out a little,  for some reason I totally forgot to make lunch. I made a quick sandwich for each of us protein bar and we took off again. When we drove around Phoenix the traffic got a little scary , and I got this  crazy picture of this airplane going over us  as we drove right by an airport.
We arrived at our KOA campground around 3. It's very nice here. We wanted to wash the camper, they said we could do a quick spot wash. Jim was to tired so we didn't. After we set up, I ran the vacuum cleaner, We had dinner, at the same time we called to change our satellite location. Which only took 45 minutes. During our hold time they played lovely guitar music. So I said thank you for the dinner music. She laughed, I made dinner, I heated up some  soup from yesterday. Which is pretty much all veggies, then I cooked the rest of the shrimp we had in the freezer still trying to empty it out, and a little bit of leftover spaghetti a small portion of pumpkin custard with topping. Then we dug out our swimsuits and went into the pool which was 90°. And then the hot tub. Felt So Good. They had two beautiful orange trees right outside the pool area.
Two local couples joined us, one worked here we had a nice chat with them. Jim  rinsed off. We came back and watched the little TV, we  have a lot of pre-rally stuff to do tomorrow before we head out. Jim got a call from his friend back home and they talked for an hour. We went to bed pretty early 9:30 ish their time.

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