Monday, January 28, 2019

College of the Desert

This morning  I made a smoothie,  I shopped  the other day for Frozen pineapple and accidentally bought peaches,  so I made pineapple, peaches mango banana smoothies with spinach . And we got ready to go to College of the Desert. Which is a huge flea market that they do every Saturday and Sunday I think from 9 to 2. They raise money by donating the fees paid by the vendors to sell, to the College. So many different vendors they had veggies and a large food truck area. I took a few pictures but a lot don't want you to photo anything.

It was a lot of fun for me, Jim not so much.
But he does it because  he knew I wanted to. Their were picnic tables to sit and eat and everyone shared and we got to talk to a few really cool people, one lady was very chatty and fun to talk with. Everyone's always fascinated when they hear we're off for 4 months and traveling in the FW. We shared a piece of pizza that was made in a fire brick oven on sight, shared a chicken gyro, waffle with strawberries and a pineapple ice cream thing was non-dairy really good. We bought one soda total for food was $26, it wasn't too bad. We walked around here's a picture of some things I bought
grill mat, strawberries really nice soft dates so I can make date nut balls for Jim, great for travel day and some S-hooks mother gave us a long time ago, very handy.  I also bought a wrap, he said it was made out of bamboo $35 but really nice, I can use it at the pool, I really wanted to cover up my neck and shoulders from sunburn. I better get a lot of use out of it. We made a quick trip back to the truck and got more soda and water Jim sat down for a minute. And then we walked back and realized it was almost 2, should have checked the time. It was about to close, people were shutting down, it gets too hot after that. The other neat thing was there was a  roof, I guess the college kids can park under, but the roof was made out of solar panels that pretty much runs the whole College. I think Jim has a picture of that too.
It was really fun to walk around a lot of upscale things not a normal flea market by any means. They had such neat things that would be fun to decorate and do a Southwest flower bed I just love their look, I think I have a picture of a small one I really like,
you can do the whole thing with all the purchases at this one shop.

So by then we were really tired from walking around in the Sun so it felt good to finally sit in the truck, we just ended up driving back to the campground which is pretty close to this place. Jim got our chairs out and we sat for a bit. We watched a few campers come in for the night then Jim started working on the battery monitor to get it installed, we're supposed to get the batteries Monday. The hardest part was getting a wire run down the wall and down through the hole where the battery compartment is, he had to crawl in this tight spot 4 times. I helped him as much as I could and he finally got it wired. He drilled a hole inside near the downstairs air conditioner controller he mounted it there. Then I thought about what to make for dinner. Jim had some of the beef noodle soup I made him, I ate the rest of the vegetable chicken soup. I had five taco shells left so I made three beef tacos for him and  turkey burger for me. We had some fresh berries with topping for dessert. Then we had another enjoyable relaxing evening together.


  1. Nice but I can't take the heat any more. You have a talent for gardening. You could do one of them easily.

  2. Love all the Southwest looks, as well!