Sunday, January 6, 2019

Not so Sunny Arizona

First thing I want to talk about is the time change. When the time changes in Pennsylvania we're always, confused, more so me, in a funny way I'm not really dyslexic. We always joke around about what time it is really. So far we went through two different time zones. When we got to our Walmart spot yesterday and I went inside and three different clocks said three different times 2:30, 3:30, 4:30.  We both thought that was really funny and laughed. Although now it really doesn't matter what time it is, we don't want to get too far off track because it makes it hard when you have to go back. We're trying to let our stomachs be the guide, stay on or normal meal schedules, since we're trying to eat better. When we woke up this morning in our Wal-Mart spot, probably the best Walmart we were ever in, it was very enjoyable at least for me. It was nice to wake up and not be so cold, we did leave the furnace on last night on low . When Jim went outside to start the generator he said there was at least 15 RV's out there. A few were parked over where we originally were. And two people slept in cars near us. He made the coffee, I made us bacon and egg sandwiches, chicken wraps for travel day and we got ready to move, not sure what time it was, LOL. We got back on I-10 drove about 11 miles to get to a fuel stop.  We see the importance of making sure we have fuel since there's long stretches in between stops where it's available. We drove for a good hour and then topped off our tank again. We had our lunch at a picnic area about an hour later. And then we arrived at Valley Vista RV Park Benson Arizona, part of the Trail's Collection. We checked in they were very nice told us about activities going on for the week. They actually gave us two sites to make one long pull through. We got set up, Jim hooked up to their cable instead of the satellite. We did our chores inside and out and set up. Took a little rest, fixed a few things. I made dinner, Jim watch the little football, then we went for a little walk just after dark, saw the pool and hot tub very warm and tempting. We took showers, I watched an award show, by 9  ready for bed,  but it's really only 7 here, LOL

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