Monday, January 14, 2019

Escapees annual bash 2019

Jim was really up early this morning, travel day. I got up shortly after jumped in the shower. Strip the bed and threw the sheets in the washer.  I made a smoothie, then we had sausage eggs and toast. Jim dumped all tanks and filled the tank up with fresh water, and that took a long time. We got ready and pulled out about 9:10 a.m. We only had about an hour and a half drive , less than hundred miles. To Lake Havasu where the rally is. We got here about 10:30, depends on what clock you're going by. There's a whole lot of volunteers to take you back in park. Pretty remote, is actually a rodeo grounds. As we were driving in you can see all these campers boondocking off to the side which will get some pictures of tomorrow. Jim would be afraid to drive in there though. They had the parking set up like a well-oiled machine. We parked and we got situated, Jim was afraid that we would be packed in like sardines, and we kind of are, no place to put the truck. Which we feels like it is part of our rig because we have so much stuff in it. Jim hurt his back the other day so he was a little cranky.  Had a quick bite to eat I heated up some soup. Then we came down to register kind of looked around where everything was nice bathrooms and showers pretty close to us if we need them. We went back to the RV Jim got the smoker going, and got the satellite set up , I put some things out that I haven't done since we left. Which today is one month since we left. He ran the generator for a little while. Can you put a big pork loin on the smoker. I went for a little walk around pretty much walked past all the campers was looking at everybody. There is a general section, there's a solar, families and Partiers. I walked about an hour. On my way back oh, yay. Took the pork off the smoker he grilled a couple Burgers we had in the freezer. We came down to the activity area where they have a welcome party at 6 live music at 7 it's 80s theme night.

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