Saturday, January 19, 2019

Really fun day

Beautiful morning, saw bright son pouring in Windows, sort of woke me up. I had to get up, Jim said put heat on before he gets up to put generator on , so I thought it's the least I can do since he does it all. He made the coffee and I got back up after it warmed up a bit. I made a smoothie this morning first time since we got here with the generator, worked fine. I made some eggs and we got ready to go do some errands. We watched the people next to us leave this morning, so now we have room to park the truck next to us. We got propane gas at TSC and I wanted to get some rain boots there. Got diesel for the truck and gas for the generator. Then we stopped at Chili's and had lunch. He dropped me off at Walmart, while he ran into Lowe's, then we filled up the water jugs. We got back in time to see Kyle and Olivia from Drivin and Vibin they talked about boondocking 101. They are the cutest couple ever.

They are the same ones who sang the other night. I went back to FW put rest of the food away, and made Tex- Mex Quinoa for the pot luck tonight. We went down at 6:00, they had so many things enough to feed hundreds of people, they also had a guy there who smoked turkey really good.  then they did karaoke a lot of good singers there. We went back around 9:30 to shut the generator off around 10:30.

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  1. Are you at an Escapee Rally? Sounds like you are having a blast! Enjoy!