Tuesday, January 29, 2019

SB crepes, battery prep, pool

This morning trying to figure out what to make for breakfast, and I wanted to use some of the first strawberries. So I decided to make crepes with strawberries topping in a little syrup, probably one of Jim's favorite. We both really enjoyed it there fun to make. Then Jim started working on battery prep getting ready for our batteries that are supposed to be in today. We took a walk around half the campground. Had lunch of leftovers Jim had beef noodle soup, think I had a salad. Need to go to the grocery store and pretty soon have to work on the list. Jim was  outside for a while and I was doing my thing inside. Then I started making dinner a little early,  trying to do dinner closer to Pennsylvania time . We did get a call that the batteries were in that Jim was waiting for,  by then it was too late to go get them, We have three batteries, but he pulled out only two, so there's only one in so we still have lights,  and we're going to let them take the three batteries to recycle,  he has to wait till we actually have time to put them in.  We're going to go tomorrow. Later he ended up watching hockey outside on his TV I was inside trying to watch some stuff he doesn't like. I also went to the pool during this time I was in the hot tub, probably three or four other couples and we were all talking. Our neighbors in fromt of us came in too, Paul and Lucy. When I got back Jim came in we watched the network shows for the night stayed up later than we wanted to.

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