Monday, January 21, 2019

Santa Ana winds

Woke up around 6:30 a.m. California time. Which is kind of late for us, early as we went to bed, was 9:30 on our old time. I made smoothies, later I made pumpkin pancakes with sausage and eggs. I started laundry didn't do any since before the rally. I think I did 5 loads at least. Hung our sheets outside which I love to do. We went for a little walk but the winds were blowing so hard we were getting sand in our eyes. I've always heard about the Santa Ana winds, now we know. We went back and had lunch. We watched as we got a few new neighbors behind us. This was a nice day to stay home and relax, because it was our choice plus it was not raining, and it was beautiful and sunny, and when there's palm trees all the better. Then we went for a second walk a lot less windy. Jim talked to Byron for a good part of the Walk. We saw an RV with Pennsylvania tags on our walk and I saw a camper that was at the Bash but nobody was around, we wanted to say Hi to them. We went into the rec center and I signed up for the craft sale on Friday. She said they have to pay $0.10 for a bag when they shop here in California. When we got back I brought the sheets in. Put my last load in the dryer for today. I can do some more tomorrow, so nice having the washer and dryer in here, saves so much time. And money. I made us a light dinner of leftovers. That is about over tomorrow I'll probably actually have to cook something. We called DirectTV and had to change our service location again, this time it was pretty quick. We took showers Jim washed the silverware them we watch some TV.

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  1. In California I am betting there is a tax on everything. Can't imagine what you are paying for fuel. Although PA fuel costs are much higher than surrounding states.