Monday, January 28, 2019

Pool, Walk, Fed-X delivery, Grilling & Chillin

One thing about this lifestyle is all the decisions you have to make. When were in Pennsylvania we wake up go to work come home have dinner, and enjoy our relaxing time in our FW. Here every day is a new adventure and we have to decide together and what we're going to do next. I know it's a good problem to have but some days making a decision is the hardest thing we do all day.
So we had breakfast today Jim made his own eggs. Eventually we turn the fireplace off and open windows. And as we watchd the temperature rise we realize we need to turn the air on again. Tomorrow we're going to do it before we leave, we waited kind of long and then it really had to work hard to cool it down. We sat outside it was just so beautiful we just can't get over it. California Dreaming. I was crocheting a little outside just talkin, we went for a little walk. It was kind of warm so we only did half the campground. We were sitting outside, the way the fifth wheel is parked we're in the shade when a car pulled up next to the truck, Jim stood up we didn't know who or couldn't see who it was, then we realized it was our FedEx package, Jim had ordered the battery monitor it's supposed to come tomorrow  but we got it today. So he was looking at it to figure out where he's going to mount it. Made some lunch, which was leftover soup and  a burger. The  we sat outside some more made a big decision to go to the pool. The water temperature is probably at least 90 the hot tub, fabulous. Mary Jane was there, I talked to her when I was selling my bags, we had another nice little chat. Jim went back first and I followed him shortly after we finished our conversation. Our biggest decision was whether to go to the College of the Desert, that Mary Jane told us about it's a big flea market, only on Sat/ Sun Jim's favorite LOL not. So we saw that it closes at 2 so we decided to go tomorrow early, LOL that's funny too. So then I started some dinner I use the broth from Jim's tri-tip beef that I made, put onions celery tomato and carrots in the instant pot sauteed them a little, strained  the broth, added a little more water and a couple handfuls of noodles cooked it for 5 minutes let it naturally release and then I added the beef. He said it was really good. Then he grilled some zucchini planks green beans and onions.  I made us a salad, we sat outside at the picnic table and had dinner, it was getting dark but what a beautiful sunset. Then we did our normal evening routine.

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