Monday, January 21, 2019

California here we come

Till I went to bed last night it was 12:30 ish and the fridge had already shut off. Can't wait to plug into electric. And get new batteries. We woke up after we heard other generators running already. Did our morning routine I started putting stuff away. It's sad to leave our people. We met the neighbor in front of us and two sites away behind us right before we left. We really got up for the donuts, we went down to the activity area they had every kind of donut you can think of. Jim ate two I ate one, it has been a long time since we had a donut. Jim put most of the things away yesterday, it was a lot easier to leave without having  hookups to put away. We pulled out of our spot right before 11, then we went down to the dump station. There was only two, one from the direction we were coming from and one from the other direction for the lower sites. It went fast it wasn't a typical dump when you're in a line like that you pull your blacks you pull your grays and you GTFO, that's what they called it here. We all LOL. It was very quick we went to the bathroom and then got on the road at 11:25. Feels funny to be back on travel days. We only had a hundred and eighty miles to drive, to Palm Springs RV Resort Thousand Trails. It was a beautiful drive not stressful at all either. When we arrived  and our greeting was  "WOW where are we going to put this. Let me call the other Ranger and long story, found us a spot kind of right inside the gate, we had to drive all the way around. There's palm trees on top of palm trees which are so beautiful, each one has a hose around it to water which they come on at night.
We got set up, is wonderful to have hookups again. I vacuumed and got the wet hose out for my rainbow with all that rain I had a puddle in the carpet I had to get it dryed out. We went for a little walk as it was getting dark, talked to a guy that said he was a ranger and gave us some info on the area. You can see  snow topped Mountains from the one end of rhe Campground, is so pretty the phone pictures do not do it justice.

We came back and got some leftovers for dinner. We had the time change an hour again. We knew it was going to happen but it is so strange by the time it was 9:30 their time I was so tired and went to bed.

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