Friday, January 11, 2019

Last full day in Benson Arizona

Did our normal wake up routine this a.m., Jim was up first per usual. I made us smoothies, then I made oatmeal with peaches for us both. Then I made him bacon and two eggs. As I started to get ready for the day Jim went outside to rearrange the bed of the truck, fill up the generator with gas and he filled up the two gas cans since we got an extra one now. He was talking to our neighbor for a while. Then we got ready to go do some errands. Jim dropped me off at Walmart so I could grocery shop alone. Jim went to the hardware store for a transfer pump, washer hose, and deep socket so it's easier when he torque's the tires before we leave. Then he met me over at Walmart, we picked up his pills at the pharmacy. We finished our shopping and then went to look for Benson Arizona t-shirts. We looked at a thrift store to no avail. then we went into the the cutest little gift shop called The Cowboy Way, they had t-shirts and we bought two license plates one Arizona and one said Benson.
Then we headed back with our groceries, put everything away we really wanted to wash the camper but it was a little drizzly. Plus Jim  hurt his back a little bit earlier in the day. So he grilled some chicken outside. I started cooking, I made a chicken and vegetable soup in the instant pot, and then I made spaghetti with turkey burger for dinner with leftovers for later, also in the instant pot. I chopped up three beautiful peppers I bought red yellow and orange. Took some more things out of the freezer out front shrimp and pork roast we want to smoke. We drug the smoker this many miles we want to use it. I almost have the freezer out front cleaned out so we can turn it off that way it won't use electric when we Boondock in the desert for 8 days.. I also made a pumpkin custard which we had for dessert, with leftovers for extra meals. Washed  a lot dishes, cleaned up, tried to repack the fridge for travel day tomorrow. We had a beautiful sunset it kept getting redder and redder. Jim finally went to bed so I could stay up and watch my shows. Don't tell him I said that. I stayed up way too late I wanted to watch Jimmy Fallon because Bryan Cranston was on but with the time change I missed it. Went to bed way too late but oh well.

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